How Eastern Philosophy Improve

Any game of chance history is full of stories about how this or that smart guy beat the house and got rich at once. The history of poker has a lot like that as well. Due to this, things like poker tips got popular in no time. Indeed, poker tips and tricks are, perhaps, the most sought and often published topics on the Web. No need to say that online poker tips are met more often than anything else, but poker, thanks to its comprehensive and complex nature, features some kind of universalism in this respect. If to put together poker tips and strategy, one may see that they are very close, and there are reasons for such proximity. All poker players will agree to the postulate that a game without some strategy applied is the source of troubles for that player. To escape that lot, one must follow some rules before making a decision to spend some money and sit at the table to play poker.

A viable poker strategy is not something stable and undisputable, it is rather flexible and open for changes at any time of the current game. One may say that poker strategy is a set of hands that are controlled with common sense. Of course, there may be some ambient noise like one’s own wishes or somebody’s bluff, but those are walk-in ghosts and nothing real, which should be ignored always. A reliable strategy calls for cold mind and steady focus on the game, otherwise, nothing good will possible.

poker game strategy

The rare topics about poker strategies are the targets a player may put when sits at the table. Most of players think those are money or any other win that equals to a particular amount of cash; however, this is not entirely true, or correct. Some time ago, many people were after the Eastern philosophy and Zen, in particular. Sure, it is not the best comparison possible, but there are some common points in between an appropriate poker strategy and some basic concepts of Zen Buddhism. For example, they say when one sits to play poker, it is necessary to leave one’s emotions behind the door. While in some Buddhist parables there are rationales, pointing to destructive power of human emotions, not something particular, but all of them. Another good comparison with the mortality of anything material in this world, which looks hard to parallel with poker, but that is at the first glance only. If one’s wish or objectives are one’s own development through gambling, then poker is a good point to start with; in case, one’s pursuits are all after money and getting rich, then there is no support from the Nature for such beings. As one can see there are too many things in poker that are directed or governed with the laws of Nature, and it is one’s personal problem to become capable to see them and make use of them for one’s own profit and happy life for many years.