Slots tips and strategy – follow these rules to win!

The first slot machine initially appeared in England but it didn’t get its popularity at first. It was only at the beginning of the next century in America when the slot boom started. Soon, all casinos and bars across the ocean presented the so-called slot machines that became an indispensable attribute of the casino till present days. It is true that in most countries the first machine gambling appeared only in the early 90s, and now they have disappeared, remaining only in the many online casinos.

Fortune or a sober calculation?

Experienced players follow their own slots tips and strategy but frankly speaking the decisive factor here is an accident. Who then might get lucky on the first try and he goes home, tearing off the jackpot. But this probability is small and not all luck.If you are lucky, you should not expect a repetition of success right away, because the probability of this is even lower. The only pitfall that can help you is rate of return, which may vary depending on the apparatus. Read about it in advance and save your nerves.

Playing slots online is not just to toss a coin into the slot and press a button, or drag and drop a coin into a virtual slot machine. Here are some slots tips on how to play the slot machines to get the maximum pleasure.

Choose Bally Slots Machine, Quick Hit Platinum is a five reels and 30 paylines slot machine. It has a wild, multiplier symbol and the maximum payout is 10,000 coins. Winnings are paid out on the highest combination only. Malfunctions void all plays and pays.

TIP NUMBER 1: Sightseeing

Real casinos have thousands of slot machines. They are not all identical. Machines have different characters, the number of lines, types of accepted coins and options bonus mini-games that you can play. Think and look for a machine – you can sit long behind it. Virtual slots casinos offer even greater choice. There is even a machine with a story that you can finish the game progresses. Look at the variety of virtual casinos and slots proposals. You’ll be surprised at the results.


Vending machines with progressive jackpot is automatic, which played a big jackpot for players of different machines. Jackpot grows until one player will not break it. Sometimes it is larger than expected in the game, more than you can play for a long time. Watch for machines with super high progressive jackpots.

TIP NUMBER 3 FOR SLOT GAMES: Follow your state

It is very easy to throw money into the machine, not keeping track of their status until they run out of all the coins. Set the amount to win or to lose and stick to it. Periodically, be careful how close you come to your goals in a game on the machine.